Saturday, March 14, 2009



Despite not being a landmark trend for the Spring 09 season, the presence of mens' skirts on the runways left quite an impression. Designers from Rei Kawakubo at Comme des Garcons [top left] to Etro [bottom left] and John Galliano [bottom right] all offered their take on the trend. Each designer added skirts to their collections in a way that only seemed to underscore the masculinity and aggression of the collections rather than lending a feminine sensibility. Marc Jacobs was quick to adopt the trend a couple of months ago, sporting a Comme des Garcons skirt while strolling with his beau. While the trend probably won't find very sturdy legs within the American market, it's a testament to the freedom and imagination designers are exercising in light of the present fincial crisis. It's also a topical way to bid adieu to St. Patrick's Day.

Photo Credits: Comme des Garcons, Etro, and John Galliano from

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