Thursday, March 12, 2009



Tonight we depart from the here and now and move into the future. Welcome to the world of Alexander McQueen, a Creator who is equal parts staggering genius, enfant terrible, and technical master. It is a world of murky darkness and fearsome beauty.

McQueen moved from Spring's Darwinian fairytale to the other side of time for Fall 09: a time of recollection, reinvention, and uncertainty, mirroring the world in which we find ourselves today. McQueen's vision of our world is both primal and modern, raw and refined, apocalyptic and advanced. These contrasts play out in a collection built upon the tension between the old, the ancient, and the futuristic.

The collection juxtaposes classic silhouettes that have been reinvented for The New Era, with looks that recall monsters from the mythologies of Ancient Greece. It is the clashing of these times and elements that make the collection alluring, terrifying, and transcendent. Tonight we take a look at the beautiful monsters of Alexander McQueen's Fall 2009 collection.

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