Tuesday, March 3, 2009



Despite having been a major trend last season that didn't necessarily deliver on retail floors, the maxi dress is back again for Spring. This time in moderation.

In a season where floor-length dresses are de rigueur alongside mini dresses, the rules are becoming less rigorous and more fluid. Consumers are challenging designers to raise the stakes of creativity while still appealing to the frugal pennypincher's mindset.

Versace [top left, bottom right], Paul and Joe [bottom left], and Roberto Cavalli [bottom center] all offer variations of the mini-trend. They illusrtate the obsession designers have with shoulders this season, (they're the new erogenous zone), and offer pieces that can be dressed to last for more than one activity or event.

Photo Credits: Versace and Roberto Cavalli from style.com, Paul and Joe from nymag.com

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