Wednesday, June 17, 2009



Perhaps we're taking this recession chic movement, (which I'd like to dub "Reco-Chic"), a little too literally. Maybe it's the dash of Dickensian pauperism that's coming back in vogue (more on that in a later post), but fashion is cycling towards an unassuming aesthetic that speaks volumes about how little people want to talk about money. Designers have created the Bag Lady Chic aesthetic for consumers to (literally) disappear into.

Take a page out of Charles Anaste [top left], who likes his bag lady with a Mary Poppins twist, or look to Missoni [top right] for maximum impact with ultra length and unceasing layers. John Galliano [bottom center] throws his hat into the mix with his Babooshka-eqsue rendering of the Fall 2009 trend.

Leave it to the rich to make looking poor a statement.

Bag Lady Look Signatures: Volume, Layers

PHOTO CREDITS: John Galliano, Charles Anaste, Missoni from

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