Friday, June 26, 2009



Designers' apparent new obsession with the head suggests a new interest in a womens' intellectualism. The addition of a hood to everything from jackets (expected) to dresses (surprising) shows up all over the runways from New York to Paris.

What is particularly alluring about this feature, aside from the tension found in pieces possessing a prim yet urban edge, is the message being communicated by the concealing detail. Are designers speaking to the modern woman's conflict of playing peek-a-boo with her intellect? The balancing act of being smart and sexual? Or are they alluding to the feminine wisdoms that can be lost and even concealed under a patriarchal societal structure?

Anne Boleyn anyone?

Maison Martin Margiela (top), Alexander Wang (left), Fendi (center), Sportmax right).

PHOTO CREDITS: Alexander Wang from and Sportmax from, Maison Martin Margiela and Fendi from

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