Thursday, January 7, 2010



Denim is back. It's spread from the legs to the full body like a cancer. The textile has been put to utilitarian use in ensembles that capitalize on the casual ease of the fabric. Moschino managed to mine an elegance out of the material in dressy looks from skirt to dress looks.

Head to toe denim looks are tricky and hard to pull off in everyday use. Instead of going full throttle and giving Cool Hand Luke a run for his money, try layering a denim jacket over an evening or cocktail dress. This works well with velvet, in particular.

If you don't have one already, or you threw your old one out, a denim jacket is actually a smart investment. It's a key piece you'll be able to recycle season to season.PHOTO CREDITS: Moschino [top, bottom], D&G [left], and Jean Paul Gaultier from

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