Tuesday, December 15, 2009



As we approach the start of the decade's final year, the future of fashion is up in the air. True, there a trends that can be forecasted, since we can already see what designers are going to dress us in next Fall, but how will the 2000s be remembered and what will the 2010s look like?

The fashion cycle accelerated at a fierce pace in the 20th century that was unprecedented, thanks to the Industrial Revolution, which brought the ability to mass produce garments. Where before a single silhouette or style could be in vogue for several decades or even hundreds of years, suddenly each decade brought with it new styles and innovations that would cast out what came before.

While fashion is essentially about change and looking forward, somehow we would find ourselves looking back to take inspiration from the past into the here and now. In the 90s we abhorred the 80s, celebrated minimalism, and somehow found ourselves back in a relaxed 70s aesthetic of plaids and wide leg pants, for which I blame Old Navy.

Now that we're nearing the end of the 00s, looking back it seems the 80s has left its stamp on fashion. The decade that was once thought best forgotten by those who lived through it was ushered back in by their children: first in the guise of music, then by the appearance of the skinny jean, which bubbled over into the resurgence of Members Only-inspired jackets and studs.

It seems the past couple decades we've simply skipped the decade that came directly before and mined the one before that for inspiration. The 90s looked back on the 70s, and the 00s yearned for the 80s.

Does this mean we're poised for a 90s renaissance? Fashion editors have already seen the 70s creeping back, which, frankly, is just a step away from a free fall of 90s mania.

How do you like them apples?

PHOTO CREDIT: Alexander Wang Spring 2010 from style.com.

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