Tuesday, October 13, 2009



In response to the opulence and flashy 80s-inspired looks that have been so prominent the past couple seasons, a movement of simplicity and refinement has begun to rise and will be poking its head high above the ground come Spring 2010.

Even Marc Jacobs, who cemented the 80s trend's permeation with his Fall 2009 collection, is moving in a different direction come Spring. The tension between the two aesthetic camps is symbolic of our current cultural dilemma: in the face of economic strife, do we move into a more somber, subtle place in minimalist looks or come out swinging in studded boots and (updated) shoulder pads?

Houses like Chloe, Celine, and Tod's are reliable for easy breezy minimal style with fine details. When in doubt, s0me designers have decided to straddle the middle by working within a nuetral palette of black and white, a classic combination that seems to recur season to season as a safe option with innovative potential if technique and styling are used to full effect.
PHOTO CREDITS: Marchesa (top), Marc Jacobs (bottom left), Karl Lagerfeld (bottom right), and Givenchy (center left) from style.com.

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