Thursday, November 27, 2008


One trend that consistently comes back into vogue in the Fall right around the holidays are jewel- collared blouses. These should be adapted with caution. They were everywhere last Fall and trickled their way down to the discount fast fashion retailers quickly.

The standard for this trend last season was a round neck tank with a thick block of jewels that hugged the collar to the top of the shoulder, similar to the blouse from Macy's private INC label [below].

This season the fresher interpretation of this trend is a piece that utilizes the jewels without making them garish and flashy. This top from Epic Threads [below] is closer to what this trend should look like this season. This blouse mixes two Fall trends, the jewels and ruffles, in a peasant top silhouette in a way that makes just enough of a statement without putting two much emphasis on one trend over the other.

Good news for petite women, but bad news for our lanky gals, this blouse is a children's top. It may seem counter-intuitive, but checking out the children's section in your favorite stores is a great way to find on-trend items for a fraction of the cost, especially if you have a shorter stature and a smaller frame.

Find these tops at Macy's here and here.


Strappy sandals are one of the big shoe trends for Spring 2009. Whether wearing them thigh-high or ankle length, (the most common type), strappy sandals are a great way to make a casual outfit dressy or make a dressy outfit more subtle. Add some jewel-toned luxe with interpretations by John Galliano (top left) or veer classic with Giles' black ankle strap sandals (middle left). For a fresh and fun casual look you can transition from the beach to lunch with a friend, go for Vivienne Westwood's Gold Label offering (bottom left).

Photo Credits: John Galliano, Giles, and Vivienne Westwood from

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Shoulders are big for spring, literally and figuratively.

For Spring 2009, designers have shifted their attention from the waist to the shoulders. The last post talked about the square shouldered blazer, but when designers weren't busy sketching statement pieces to cover the shoulders, they were designing elegant and eye-popping dresses that very deliberately feature the bare shoulders.

Whether it's a strapless dress baring both shoulders or, more
a peek-a-boo shoulder dress where one shoulder is emphasized over the other,
this is a trend most people can participate in, so long as they like their shoulders.

Frilly girls should try the peek-a-boo shoulder with fine details and ruffles via Valentino [top right], or for a more classic look with just enough twist to stand out, try the white knot dress from Mario Schwab [center right]. If you're feeling risque and
bold enough to show a little extra skin, don the Grecian-inspired dress by Ann-Sofie Back [bottom right].

Photo Credits: Valentino and Mario Schwab from, Ann-Sofie Back from

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Fall's bold androgynous trend, which was perfect for the modern career woman, segues this spring into something a touch softer but still assertive: the square shouldered blazer.

It's easy for any working woman to fit into her wardrobe. Look for it on sales floors come spring. This is a trend just bold enough to make a statement that also has an obvious utility factor.

You can wear it with a pair of wide leg trousers à la Louis Vuitton [top left], or you can take a cue from Balmain [bottom left] and pair it with jeans. Add a pair of gladiator sandals (yes, they're still around) and a crisp white shirt and you have a casual weekend/shopping look.

Photo Credits: Louis Vuitton and Balmain,