Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Shoulders are big for spring, literally and figuratively.

For Spring 2009, designers have shifted their attention from the waist to the shoulders. The last post talked about the square shouldered blazer, but when designers weren't busy sketching statement pieces to cover the shoulders, they were designing elegant and eye-popping dresses that very deliberately feature the bare shoulders.

Whether it's a strapless dress baring both shoulders or, more
a peek-a-boo shoulder dress where one shoulder is emphasized over the other,
this is a trend most people can participate in, so long as they like their shoulders.

Frilly girls should try the peek-a-boo shoulder with fine details and ruffles via Valentino [top right], or for a more classic look with just enough twist to stand out, try the white knot dress from Mario Schwab [center right]. If you're feeling risque and
bold enough to show a little extra skin, don the Grecian-inspired dress by Ann-Sofie Back [bottom right].

Photo Credits: Valentino and Mario Schwab from, Ann-Sofie Back from

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